Well, I have been planing this for some time, but always find a reason why not. Since I reached the point in a relationship from which there is not go back I had to do it. The next thing on my mind has been to choose the perfect Engagement ring.

My god, this has been very difficult since I had limitations: It has to be classic, but not the same like my brother bought to his wife, it has to be made from platinum, it has to have diamonds, it has to be affordable, and it has to impress my loved-one.

If you are choosing a ring, then you should know a few things about rings and diamonds, and not go on blind like me. I have visited few shops and received so many information’s that I has been lost.

These three things determine price: weight, the carat of gold and diamonds. Why this is important? This is important because you can find almost identical rings for your eye but if you look at the price you can discover that price can vary three times.

Engagement ring with Sapphire and DiamondsIf you are like me and don’t know anything about these three things just go-to brand name jewelry because there you can be sure what are you buying.

The biggest difference between the brand name of jewelry and small ones is that only very expensive examples are exposed, and cheaper are somehow hidden, while in small ones is the opposite situation.

So when you decide to buy, first visit the website of jewelry decide, chose an alternative, and hit the road.

So after I have visited jewelry in the fourth run I have been offered rings that met all conditions from above because I knew what to look for.

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