You have noticed that your girlfriend has bad iron with bad cable, and you are asking yourself what to buy her for Valentine’s Day? The solution is Obvious, new iron, but are you sure that is the best thing that you should buy her.  If she has man’s brain Yes! Otherwise, be prepared to be kicked out of her apartment. So what is the solution to give her real good present and not to be kicked out of the apartment?

The solution is simple, buy a coupon from an electronics store in the worth of iron or make deal with a salesman to issue you a coupon for iron.  Then buy flowers to your girl and a bottle of vine and rent a movie. A flower is nice to present and all girls love them, the vine is not a real present because in most of the cases you drink most of it, and the movie you are watching also.

In this way, she thinks that she has received a nice present from you and you know that the real present is waiting for her.

After a romantic afternoon, it is time for action, go to walk and tell her that at work you have received some stupid coupons from some electronic store and you should go there to see what you have received.

Now you can give her your real present without hesitation but not tell her that is present. Tell her that you don’t need it and offer it to her.iron

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