When buying someone a gift we all want to be original, and to impress the person we love.

My idea for you is a message in a bottle. It is a personalized gift that leaves you the freedom to express your feelings the best way you know.

If you want to send a love message thing is a very original way to do it. Since Valentine Day is approaching, you can gift your special love message to your beloved person, or guys this is a very nice way to propose your girlfriend. You may put the ring into the bottle and wrap it into the decorations that usually come with the bottle.  You may write your own love message and impression-ate your girl, or if you are not very good with words there are always love quotes and poems that someone wrote, and that may be the perfect way to show how you feel.

Valentine day love messages in a bottleWhen you have chosen the right message then you can get your computer, search the web sites where you can find your closest store and order a delivery where you need it. You can choose font style, size, and color. Also, you can choose the form of the bottle. There are bottle’s in shape of heart, star, wave, and also your bottle can be packed into different boxes with seashells, hay, and various kind of decorations.

Besides being a romantic gift, this also can be an apologies for a gift. You can say someone that you are sorry, or you may send a message to someone with health problems to get well soon.

There are so many ways to express your feelings with this kind of gift, just let your imagination take you…

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