Roses are the most widespread gift, and we give them on all kinds of occasions: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, engagements, baby showers and some other occasions which are not so joyful.  We choose the color of the rose and in that way, we send the message to the receiver.  White roses mean innocence and truth, yellow roses mean friendship, but in some other cultures, it means jealousy. Red roses everywhere mean love and romantic gift.

But, in order not to guess what is the meaning of the rose that we received from someone, there is a possibility to imprint the message on roses and design your own personalized gift. You can send a bouquet for Valentine’s Day as on picture to the left, or you can send your own original message. If you are not creative there are some patterns that are offered from sellers, and you can simply use those:

Be Mine
Best of  Luck
Best Wishes
Get Well Soon
Good Luck!
Happy Anniversaryrose petals with love letters
Happy Valentine’s Day
I Love You
I’m Very Sorry
In loving memory
It’s a Boy!
It’s a Girl!
Just Because
Our thoughts are with you
Te Amo
Thank You
Thinking of You
We Love You
Will You Marry Me?

There is one more original possibility, and that is to imprint personal photos on roses. For example, you can order three roses, first with the girl’s photo, second with the boy’s photo and the third one with word LOVE.

Another possibility is for those with “deeper pocket”. You can send original romantic present in luxury leather box, with delicious chocolates, Moet Champagne, and rose petals with love messages. Every petal can have imprinted one word, and when it orders correctly you get your love message as on the picture above.

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