Today’s gift idea is just for him. If your friend, boyfriend, husband, father, job colleague, any man you want to give present likes beer, and mostly, they all like,¬† surprise him with a basket full of beer. He will be delighted.

In this basket that you can find on blue chopsticks¬†site there are these products: A handsome hamper holds Molson Lager from Canada, Corona from Mexico, Heineken from the Netherlands, Red Stripe from Jamaica, St. Guinness Stout from Ireland, and Newcastle Brown Ale from England. The beers’ flavors are highlighted by Seasoned Almonds, Wasabi Peas, WVM Sweet & Hot Stone Ground Mustard, Ranch Corn Nuts, Hot Pepper Cheese, and more.

My advice for you is if you have extra time, and you want to make an additional effort for the one you are giving present to, buy a basket of the size and shape you like and fulfill it with the beers that you know your man likes best. Of course add some potato chips, peanuts, pistachios or some crackers…a little of everything that he likes to consume with beer.

This kind of gift does not have to be exclusively a gift for him. Girls like beer also. So if you need to buy a present for a woman who likes beer, here is an idea for you.

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