If you have not yet figured how to surprise your man on Valentine’s day, here is one idea. Make a cake!

You don’t have to be a great cooking master to do that. All you need is a heart-shaped pan, and a little imagination.

Do not experiment with new recipes, that you haven’t tried yet. Use your favorite recipe or the one that he likes best, and this time instead of in your usual pan, bake it in a heart-shaped pan. And then make some beautiful decoration, as Valentine’s day deserves.

For example, you can cover the whole cake with red cream and then write with white cream something like I love you, Happy Valentine’s Day, Be my Valentine, whatever you like.

But if you really aren’t good in the kitchen, and you are afraid to ruin Valentine’s day with your own cake, there’s always order from a pastry shop.

It’s best if you have a pastry that is checked. That means that you or someone of your friends has already ordered cakes from there and that they are delicious.

I found this site: www.chocolatebakery.com, where you can order all kinds of cakes, and they look fantastic to me. It is good that you can choose the size of the cake, flavor, you can even choose the caption on the cake. It can be like this one in the picture: Be mine, or you can choose some of these: I love you, Kiss me, True love, Angel, Miss you, Marry me…

Maybe I am watching too many romantic movies, but when I think of a romantic dessert, there are always strawberries, chocolate, and champagne.

If you want something like that for your romantic Valentine’s evening, visit www.tasteofhome.com and you’ll get exact instructions on how to make a strawberry chocolate cake. There are even nutrition facts for those that number the calories.chocolate cake

I’m sure that men would like this kind of surprise, but guys it would be even more romantic if you organize this kind of surprise for your girlfriend.

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