Well, this is totally HOT!
I am freezing at these cold days, but the worst thing is that I can’t get my hands warm. Searching for something to warm up my hands, but also searching for Valentine’s Day gift, I think I found one solution for two problems.
A couple of hot hearts! First of all, anything that has the shape of a heart is beautiful and romantic to me, but this is at the same time very useful. These hearts have a little metal in the middle, and when pressed they become warm. You can use it for warming up your hands if you are outside on the cold and waiting for the bus, or even if you are at home, but you still have cold hands, use these hearts and you’ll feel the heat you need. It is good for neck, or back pains. Press the warm heart on the painful area and you will feel relief.
For those who are wondering how it works, I found a video that explains how to press the metal inside the hearth and it becomes warm (because some say that they are having difficulties with pressing the metal).

Then when your heart loses its temperature, you can use it again, and again, and again…Wrap your hearts into mop or towel, so it does not stick to the pot, and keep them in the boiling water for about 10 minutes. Get them out from the water and they are ready for using them again when you squeeze the metal in the middle. Hearts stay warm for about 45 minutes.

If you are a girl, you’ll love your new hearts. Because they are being sold as a couple I am thinking to buy them for Valentine’s Day, and keep one for myself, and others give to my boyfriend. Although, I would prefer that he gets the idea first and surprises me.
And for guys that are ashamed to buy and carry these hearts, there are these same products in the shape of cubes. So if you want to be romantic, buy a gift to your girlfriend in the shape of heart, and believe me when you see her using these hearts, you’ll want one for yourself. So buy them in the shape of cubes.

This can also be a great gift for any dear person on these cold days. Buy them to your grandparents, they will surely love it, because old people often have problems with circulation, and these warm hearts will be with them all the time,
The best thing is that these hearts are reusable, not like ours, so there won’t be broken hearts when you give a present like this.

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