In this modern time, we all have a lot of pictures from holidays, all kinds of celebrations, important events, etc. The availability of digital cameras has enabled everyone to become a photographer. Then, there’s photoshop, and we all can make corrections, and have professional pictures.

But, who develops pictures? We all share them on Facebook,  like them, tag our friends, and what when we don’t have a computer nearby, and we want to show pictures to someone? I don’t know for most of you, but I still like to have my photo album and view it when I’m feeling sentimental, or when I remember some nice moment that is caught on the picture.

And for special pictures, I like to put them in a photo frame. Also, I like to give frames as a gift. A great gift idea for me is a personalized photo frame. For example, this one to the right can be a perfect present for Valentine’s Day.

On you can order this kind of photo with any couples’ names. This could be a great gift for him, or for her, and it does not have to be only for Valentine’s. You can give it also for birthday to the one you love because it has written “I love you” on four different languages ( English, Spanish, French and Italian), which makes this to be a very romantic gift.

You can surprise someone with this kind of gift on an anniversary or wedding. There are  3 different sizes of frames available: 4″ x 6″, 5″ x 7″and 8″ x 10″.


And here is another kind of photo frame that I like. I always like to combine things to be nice, but useful. That’s the thing with this photo frame wall clock, you can have a lot of your pictures on your wall, and at the same time, it can be a wall clock.

I am sure that every grandmother and grandfather would be delighted with this kind of gift, especially if there would be pictures of their grandchildren in the frames.

personalized photo frame

Every time when they look at clock they could see dear faces.

And, there’s one more gift idea. You can make, i.e. order personalized collage photo frame. For example, take pictures of you and your father, send them to shops that do this thing, and they will make for your frame with pictures that say: I love daddy.  Of course, you can make all kinds of combinations with pictures. You can order all kinds of sayings: I love mom, I love sister, I love brother, Best friends, Together forever… It only depends on who are you buying a gift, and how creative are you.



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