If there is someone who doesn’t know what is Pac-Man (what I truly doubt), the short explanation is – one of the most popular arcade games. But for those numerous people who spent hours and hours playing it, there are many products with Pac-Man characters that may be useful or serve as a souvenir.
If you know someone that liked to play this game or still spends sleepless hours playing it, one of these gadgets can be a perfect gift idea. So you can find Pac-Man Alarm Clock, Pac-Man Stress Ball, Pac-Man Key Ring, Pac-Man Mug, Pac-Man Candy Power Pellets, Wind-up Pac-Man, Pac-Man Ice Tray for making ice cubes in the shape of Pac-Man, etc.

But, let’s not forget the enemies of Pac-Man known as Ghosts or Monsters: Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. There are also products with these characters.

The most interesting for me is the Pac-Man Alarm Clock with Authentic Game Sounds because it is eye-catching and useful. Wake up every morning with Pac-Man, i.e. digital clock display in his mouth. The stand has snooze, alarm off and backlight buttons labeled with the instantly recognizable cherry, bell, and ghost.

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