Perfume like present in most of the cases can be an ideal gift for everybody. Also, it can be a real miss if you chose the wrong one. People have very different taste when we speak about perfumes, for somebody it is just perfected, for others it can be disgusting. Not everybody loves flower sense, or fruity, or sweet ones. So when you buying perfume best for you is it to ask that person, what perfume he or she likes? In that way, you are sure that you are not going to make a mistake. But in that way, that person knows what can expect from you. A not ideal situation, it works if you are buying presents for a friend.

If you are buying a present for girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband it is not smart to ask that kind of question. You want an element of surprise and you want to persuade your partner that you know he or she loves. The best way to find out is: To listen to your partner and remember it and sometimes even look bottles in the bathroom.

But remember, If you saw it on the shelf in the bathroom it doesn’t mean you should buy another one, it is just tip, what your partner likes. If he or she always changing perfumes and has more than six different bottles, don’t buy something from a shelf, he will buy it himself, you should bring something new. How to select something new?

Easily, take all bottles in front of you, and then smell them, one by one, after you smelled first one, try to tell yourself: fruit, sweet, flower, freshness or some kind of spice, repeat it after every bottle, in the end, you have an answer what kind perfume you should buy.

Then the time is to go to perfumery and chose your present. When you came to the shop ask nice ladies to help you, but tell them what kind of smell you felt when you had a sampling test. You can even tell them names of perfumes and but not forget to tell them this is for a special occasion and you want something similar but knew.

They will offer you several perfumes and now is on you to choose. Remember one thing, you are not choosing for you, you are choosing for others.

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