Netbook computers are small laptop computers with the functionality of a laptop, easy to use and user-friendly, and can
be a very nice gift. They have a normal operating system (Windows or Linux depending on your preferential) on a netbook you can work in spreadsheets and text editors in a well-known environment unlike the tablets which are made just for fun and internet browsing with screen slides which are not user-friendly, and operating system which is made just for that model.

Another side of the medal of Netbook computers is standard operating systems which offer much easier reinstallation and finding plugins, and a lot of free software.

One of my favorite netbook computers is Asus Eee PC, it can be in a whole variety of colors but most popular and often are in white and black color. Why is this netbook my favorite, because it is small, stylish and you can put it in almost any bag, it is made from solid plastic and after using it for some period it doesn’t have frayed edges. Another thing which are interesting for Asus Eee PC is that small design doesn’t affect your work functionality, for example, I am the guy with very big hands and fat fingers, and don’ have any problem working on my Eee PC, it is just perfect.  This kind of functionality you expect to be very expensive, but on the contrary, it is very cheap, and it can be bought for only 160 USD, a small price for that joy.

Other producers also have their netbook solution, like HP, Dell, Acer, Samsung, and many others but prices and characters are very different.
To write about the technical characteristics of these netbooks doesn’t have sense because there is a whole variety of these netbooks and you should be an expert to see the difference between them.  If you ask me what key factors when buying netbooks are, then three factors are most important: price, battery autonomy, and weight.

  • Price, well price shouldn’t be higher than 200 USD, because in one year that netbook which you paid 600$ will cost 200$, so why spending too much money?
  •  Battery autonomy should be at least 4 hours.
  • Weight shouldn’t be more than 2.6 pounds or 1.179 kilos.

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