Shoe dryerIf you think that your husband or boyfriend or son has a problem with odors spreading from his shoes maybe you should consider buying him a shoe dryer.

Odors that are spread out your shoes, is not a thing that would’ve been praised, but it is a reality. Probably you’ve thought many times how to solve this problem, and thought about what is causing it. The cause of the odor is very clear; it is moisture that remains inside after you take off shoes, which helps the growth of bacteria.

This problem is becoming even bigger if you wear them every day for several hours; the moisture gives ground for bacteria which is essential for them to survive, and to produce an unpleasant odor that is well known. Some of you may have noticed that if you leave the shoes in the sun for several days and do not wear them, they are refreshed from odors. However, this effect requires you to leave for a few days of your favorite sneakers or shoes in a warm, dry place, but if it is rain or snow season, drying could last for weeks. When decided to buy Shoe dryer it is good to buy one with some extra functions as the function of producing negative Ions which sterilize shoes and with an option for drying washed sneakers. In the end, this is also a gift for you, because you live with them

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