Portable swimming pools

Inflatable - Portable swimming pool

This sunny days exhaust everyone, you and your family, so why don’t surprise them with nice portable pool? These days on market for just couple hundred bucks you can buy large portable swimming pool which will satisfies almost anyone dream. Basically there are several models: Models with inflating air rings and bottom made of plastic which bends and adjusts to terrain and

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Stuf Finder

stuf finder

How many times did you or your boyfriend lost keys or sunglasses and you just cannot find them but you must go to and you need them. Perfect solution for this is Finder. Many of you know for situation when you need to go out from house but cannot remember where did you put the USB with important data or the Wallet with credit cards or the Key or the Favorite kid toy and you are looking everywhere around apartment and just cant find

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Inkling electronic drawing pen


If you still enjoy to draw sketch on paper before you transfer it and modify it with photoshop. then this gadget will be perfect present for you. It will help you to get rid of boring process of scanning  and transferring to computer. Today every professional designer already has at least one of WACOM products  like Inkling for which you can say that they raised drawing and sketching on whole new level. Why Inkling is so perfect? It is perfect because while you are drawing sketches, pictures are directly transferred…

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