How many times did you or your boyfriend lost keys or sunglasses and you just cannot find them but you must go to and you need them? A perfect solution for this is the Finder. Many of you know for the situation when you need to go out from house but cannot remember where did you put the USB with important data or the Wallet with credit cards or the Key or the Favorite kid toy and you are looking everywhere around the apartment and just can’t find, time passing and you should already be on halfway, but you are still home and looking. If you also have an angry girl or boyfriend who is waiting for you or a kid who is crying without his fluffy bear the situation cannot be worst.

To stop this kind of situation no matter, which part you had in this play, you should think to buy your boyfriend or girlfriend Finder.

stuf finder

It is a simple tool likes a mobile phone which always should be in the same place and your nightmare is over, you will never lose any important thing ever. Finder consists of two parts, Locator and RFID chip. Use is very easy just place a chip on the thing which you do not want to lose give it name it in locator and it is ready to use. With every Finder, you get about 30 RFID chips so every important thing which you may need is at your hand.

I would be the happiest man on earth If I had this last week when my girlfriend came on romantic dinner lasts week and I unsuccessfully spent half an hour looking for a cork opener.

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