If you are a person who just loves to create original gifts, then this kind of thing will be an ideal occupation for you and a perfect gift for others who love you because you are what you are.

To made Necklace, first, you must go out in nature, where you can find nice stones. River bands were always a good place for collectors and taking river stones from there will not get you in trouble. So the first thing is to collect nice stones.

How to chose correct stones? Well, that is on you and your imagination.

After you have collected enough stones, it is time to go home and start drilling holes in them. This is the hardest thing because drilling whole in small stone is a long process and you can’t use a hammer drill. Hammer drills crush stone, and you don’t need crushed stone, you need stone with nice edges. What you are going to need is: Drill on the stand, concrete drill bits, shallow and wide bucket for water, board on which you can fix stones and grit. Place bucket filled with some of the water below drill and inside put a board with fixed stone. The bucket should be filled with water just to cover stone. When is a drill in the right position you can put some grit over a stone and start drilling? The drill should be set on the smallest number of turns per second. Be patient when drilling wholes, it can last longer than expected.

After you have finished drilling wholes, you need to polish stones.

Stone polishing is also a long process but doesn’t require your presence. For stone polishing, you can buy a cheap machine or make one.

The machine is similar to old gramophone put on the side with a glued plastic bottle in the middle.

Fill a plastic bottle with stones water and four spoons of grit, close it and start gramophone to work for seven days.

After seven days change the water and wash grit from stones, again fill the bottle with stones and water but this time use nicer grit, and start it again for but just for three days.

Even on the first step (after seven days) stones are polished but if you want to make them perfect, use four types of grit and every next round of polishing should be with softer grit.

After 12 days stone should be perfectly polished and ready for the necklace. Now is on you how you will line stones and colors of stones and make connections.

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