Designed hairdressing tools can bring little extra joy to the home. Modern design isn’t always in grey; it can be colorful like your perception of reality. So if you love colors and life, flower-designed hair dyer and hair iron is must-have. Behind these colorful devices lies serious technology, not only happy thoughts. Hot Tools Beauty Skins Daisy 1875 Watt Dryer is a professional hairdryer that gives you a touch of professionalism. Today beauty is science and serious business, so Beauty Skins must fulfill the highest demands.

The airflow of 1.875,00 Watt with direct technology dries hair very fast increasing shine and reducing frizz. Air velocity goes up to 707 f/m. The hairdryer has two speeds and two heat positions, a button for a cool shoot, Concentrator for directing of airflow, and filter which prolongs motor life.  Also, the safety issue is not forgotten, it has a safety plug with test and reset function.

This hair dryer is coming together with neon styled hair iron which is offering professional results, and it is free.

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