With the markets already flooded with dozens of skincare products, finding the right one for your skin type can be quite frustrating. You also never know for sure which skincare product and routine is working until several weeks into using them. This can be particularly bewildering, especially if on an advanced skincare routine and using several products at the same time.  Many of us already know what results to expect from using these products, hence get anxious if it doesn’t work as we hoped for. Visible results are critical; one of the reasons many people will start doubting a skincare routine or product if it doesn’t seem to work.
While you might have invested a lot of your time and money on this routine, you still need to have realistic expectations from the same. Hoping for the impossible will only take a toll on your skin health, and probably your wallet too.  It is only by sticking to an outstanding skincare routine, and having realistic expectations from the same, that you will see positive results, and even have the best skin you have always hoped for.

How To Get The Most From A Skincare Routine


How do you know a skincare routine/product is working in your favour? Here are a few tips how:
1. Overlook exaggerated/false product claims: Many companies out there will use misleading or exaggerated claims just to get you to buy their product. An excellent example of these is a product claiming to address every sign of ageing. On closer look, you will notice that the product doesn’t have sunscreen (or less than SPF 30) as an ingredient. Using such a product will see your skin suffer much more than if you didn’t use it in the first place. Without adequate sunscreen, you will be facing premature ageing signs, fine lines, uneven skin tone, and everything else that spells age. Avoid products with such misleading claims.
2. Quit looking for a miracle product or ingredient: There’s no magic ingredient or product when it comes to skincare. The skin is just like your body; it needs a variety of nutrients and in the right proportions to stay healthy. That said, stop looking for skincare products with only one key ingredient, or one product for that matter.  An assortment of ingredients/products coupled with superior skin care routine is what matters.
Many of the hyped skincare products on the market do not work at all. Although that one ‘magic’ ingredient may seem to work at first, you will only be depriving your skin of other vital ingredients/nutrients. Such a product will only have a temporary effect.
3. Take your time when choosing a skincare routine: While some people only need basic skincare routine to have the perfect and ‘youthful’ skin, many have to work hard to get just that. That said, you need to identify and pick just the right skincare product/routine for your skin concerns, and skin type, among other preferences. Your skin has complex needs which, when fulfilled, can be rewarding. Some of these complex needs include protection from sun damage, essential and beneficial ingredients/nutrients, hydration, skin-restoring ingredients, among others.  Look for a skincare routine that satisfies all these for the perfect skin.
4. Consistency: Consistency matters a lot in skincare. You need to follow a strict skincare routine to be able to achieve the desired results.  You may be required to apply/use some products once per day (sunscreen and moisturisers), others twice a day (serum, toner, cleansers, etc.), after every other day (1% retinol), and once per week (exfoliants) to see the best/desired results. You should also make an effort to use these products in the correct order for them to work as well. Read more on this in the ‘How to Put Together a Skincare Routine’ article.
5. Never skin sunscreen or exfoliation: Nothing beats a gentle, well-formulated, and leave-on BHA or AHA exfoliant, coupled with dedicated user sunscreen of an SPF of 30 and above, in skincare. These create the foundation for youthful and beautiful skin. Used correctly and as prescribed, never missing the exfoliation and sunscreen will not only contribute to keeping your skin healthy and young but also lower your risk of skin cancer.
6. Have realistic expectations: The worst thing you can do is to expect a product to work within days of use. Do not have radical expectations on a product simply because the fine print says so. Very few products will have an overnight effect on your skin. BHA or AHA exfoliants are a good example of these. For this reason, you need to continue using the product and following the routine prescribed for some time to start seeing results. As mentioned earlier, consistency and patience are what you need. Another example is skin lightening products with hydroquinone as a key ingredient. It will take several weeks of consistent use for you to start seeing the fruits.
7. Avoid skincare products with harsh ingredients: The skin, however tough it may seem, needs to be handled with care. The products you use should, therefore, be non-irritating and soothing to the skin as well.  Be sure to cease use of any product that causes sensitivity to your skin. Persistent skin irritation only creates an unfavourable environment for skin cells to rejuvenate and/revitalise, hence beating the purpose of skincare. Always check the fine print to ensure none of the skincare products you use has toxic or harsh chemicals as ingredients.
Some of the problematic ingredients used in skincare products do/may not cause irritation or sensitivity. Just because your skin doesn’t react to these ingredients doesn’t mean they are safe to use. Reading the fine print before trying these products is one of the best ways to protect your skin from such.
8. Pay attention to what your skin is telling you about a product:  Even the best-formulated products out there may have somewhat ‘harsh’ ingredient for your skin type. Paying attention to your skin, and especially if you experience tingling or sensitivity after applying the product, is a clear sign that it isn’t good for you. Your skin will in most instances tell what is good, and what isn’t, on the first try. Pay attention to this.


Finding the right skin care product for your skin (type) can be quite a challenge. Taking your time when shopping for such products, reading the fine print, having realistic expectations, and using the products consistently is all it takes to find a working skincare routine. You can be assured of positive results for as long as these products are well-formulated and do not contain any harsh ingredients.

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