red aprons

If you don’t want to spend lot of money for gift or just buying gift for some colegue from job maybe you should consider bying apron.  This kind of gift usually raise atmosphere in office and gives place for jokes during whole day.

If you buying apron for female colleague, at first place you should check is she puritan,
because you could find yourself in very awkward situation. Also at second thing which you should consider is she free to talk Sex jokes; otherwise you are in very bad situation. If you are buying for man you should not think at all, man can handle it, doesn’t matter what kind of apron it is. If he can’t take it with smile, then you can make jokes about him and other colleagues will always support you.

 So, when you have considered previous factors, it is time to go in shopping. And boy you have choice, but only two materials could be considered: Cotton and Flax. Apron is part of wardrobe which is fast becoming dirty and only way to wash grease from it is to wash it on 90 degrees of Celsius.

Classic, Modern, Funky, Joke and Sexy ones….

Man will usualy want to have sexy ones but consider if he has children in house.red aprons

If you are buying apron for somebody important from your life, you should know that it should’t be only gift it should be second or third gift, but for joke you give it first.

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