Inkling electronic drawing pen


If you still enjoy to draw sketch on paper before you transfer it and modify it with photoshop. then this gadget will be perfect present for you. It will help you to get rid of boring process of scanning  and transferring to computer.
Today every professional designer already has at least one of WACOM products  like Inkling for which you can say that they raised drawing and sketching on whole new level.

Why Inkling is so perfect?
It is perfect because while you are drawing sketches, pictures are directly transferred in layers in to photo editor ready for modification.
Drawing on paper while picture is directly transferred  like raster or vector image is just fun and very helpful if you are in designing business.
Pen has a high pressure sensitivity, it has 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity levels. Sensitivity which appreciates even professionals.   INKLING WACOM DRAWING SET

Drawing with Inkling is very easy like with every other pen. Just put small receiver box on top of sketch and start drawing. After you have finished with drawing, WACOM manager will transfer image in your favorite picture editor where you can farther modify. If you want to start new picture, just tap on receiver box and you are on new picture.
Pen and receiver can be charged over mini USB attached on computer or charger. It has an autonomy of 15 hours after fully charged. Charging time is 3 hours.inkling drawing

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