Layered Sand Flower Vase Arrangement

Instead of buying present why not make it and give personal stamp in it. Those of you which love flowers and have sense for colors maybe could reconsider flower arrangement with Layered sand in glass vase.layerd sand bags
Basically what you need is couple of colored sand bags, glass vase, and some nice flower which will not cost you more then 20 $.Choice of vase depends of space where it should be placed and type of flower, so don’t exaggerate with size.
After you have bought it only your imagination is limit. Just put vase in front of you and from different directions pour sand in vase, don’t forget to change colors.
My method is to choose no more than four colors, and colors are always three shades of basic color and one distinctive.
This is not only method, you could always experiment with colors. For example you could chose ten cold colors or ten bright colors, everything is on you.
Don’t be afraid to spill some sand aside vase, sand is not expensive. Only one rule should be followed: Sand with bigger stones should be on top. This is because nicer sand will fell down and hide bigger sand.
There is whole variety of sands which you could use. Biggest impression makes glass stones sand because it shines brighter, also natural sand can be very nice.
And finally flower, or maybe on beginning, you should not forget that colors of flower should follow colors of sand and vice versa. Some additional elements like shells or twig also can add additional value and enhance impression.     Layered Sand Flower Vase Arrangement

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