Rubik cube

Want to be creative and make your boyfriend busy, solution is Rubik’s cube.
Nowadays we have several versions of Rubik cubes:

  • Futuristic Rubik cube or Rubik’s cube mirror Futuristic Rubik cube

It’s all shiny and mysterious, like every science fiction movie where people are in shiny suits. Cube is giving you impression that you are trapped in distant future until you solve it.

  • Rubik’s sphere

Rubik's cube sphere

Six balls of various colors – three transparent spheres – is only one solution. When you take it to your hand s, you are doomed, you think that you can solve it, but as much you try, more you are trapped. Good luck!!! Be careful when using the Rubik 360, is addiction is incurable.

  • Classic Rubik cube

Rubik's cube

If you are smart like author, you will figure out how to manage two sides, and more you trying, more you will be lost. On internet you can find solution for sorting colors on cube or you can easily disassemble and reassemble cube.
At the end, everyone has trash basket.

  • Pink cube for blondes
    Rubik's cube for blondes

There is no need for explanation; you can figure it by yourself.

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