Satzuma USB Knock Knock Personal Messenger

If you like gadgets like I do, and use often Skype, Msn & Yahoo IM, this is one cool thing I’d like to recommend. This gadget is called Satzuma Knock Knock Personal Messenger. It is a very sympathetic little man with hammer in his hand. He kicks himself in the head every time you get message in your favorite IM program, and at the same time he lets predefined or chosen sound. When you buy this USB, you get the CD for installing application which controls options of the device.

And if you don’t like this kind of gadgets, I’m sure that you have some friend who likes this things and he/she would be delighted to get this USB as a gift. Apart from being useful, this gadget is a very nice decoration on working table…It kills the routine.

Satzuma USB Knock Knock
Perfect for Skype, MSN & Yahoo messengers,
Mail & User Log-on notification
Customizable MP3 sound alert
Built in speaker
Plug and Play
USB Powered
No Batterries Required

Technical requirements:
PC and Macintosh Platforms
32MB of system RAM
50MB available hard disk space
One available USB1.1 port

Dimension: 74x51x134mm
Weight: 250g


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